Trap and Future Tuesdays, Just a Gent and Hex Cougar (Future, Trap)

It’s Tuesday, which means we’re done with Monday, which also means that we’re much closer to Friday. All good things right there. And to make things even better, I’ve got two awesome songs for you too. A new one from one of my long time favorites Just a Gent (Soundcloud) and another from Hex Cougar (Soundcloud). Click the post and check em both out!

“Leave it All” has that signature Gent feel, with some of the most unique choruses and sounds I’ve heard this month (granted its only April 4th) but if you’ve heard any of his other stuff, I’m sure you’ll be thoroughly impressed too. We also have smle on the feature, which really takes this song to the next level.

Hex Cougar takes a classic Deadmau5 song and manages to keeps the same feel, but hits us with a trap drop that I can’t stop listening to. Add this one to your Gym playlist or anytime you need to get shit done, it’s probably gonna work for you.

Want more of these types of songs? Leave a comment below and check back for stuff like this in the future!


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