Coachella 2017 Must See Act, Richie Hawtin (Techno)

COACHELLA!!!! Weekend 2 is just around the corner and those of you attending are probably frantically packing, last minute deciding which outfits to wear that’ll get you the most Instagram likes and stocking up on quality Costco booze. Weekend 1 is already in the books, and I’m sure most of you are probably still in bed nursing hangovers, or dreaming about prancing around under the Indio sun one more time. With all the hype around it the past few years, Coachella has become extremely mainstream, but that’s not to say you won’t find some of the best underground artists and all-stars.

One that immediately comes to mind, and one of my all time favorites is making his return to the desert, this time show-casing his new act titled “Close”. Richie Hawtin, God of all that is Techno and cruising-bass, wants to bring the crowd closer to what it is exactly he is up to on stage when he performs. That’s the goal of his new show, and after tuning in from the LIVE Stream last Friday, it does just that. If you’ll be there this weekend, check him out on the Mojave stage (a different location than his usual performance in the Yuma tent). The visuals are sure to impress, as you’ll follow along with Richie and his equipment onstage to get a uniquely up-close-and-personal set.

Check out the video above if you haven’t already for a taste of what to expect. #Hawtin4Prez2020



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